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Sherrilyn Kenyon Interview & Bibliography

Dark Hunter Series (in reading order)

  • Fantasy Lover
  • Dragonswan
  • Night Pleasures
  • Night Embrace
  • Phantom Lover (Midnight Pleasures Anthology)
  • Dance With The Devil - Reviewed by LoveVampires
  • Kiss Of The Night
  • Night Play
  • Stoke of Midnight (Anthology)
  • Seize The Night
  • Sins Of The Night
  • Unleash The Night
  • Dark Side Of The Moon - Reviewed by LoveVampires
  • Devil May Cry - Reviewed by LoveVampires
  • Archeron - Reviewed by LoveVampires
  • One Silent Night
  • Shadow of the Moon (Dead After Dark anthology) - Reviewed by LoveVampires
  • Bad Moon Rising - Reviewed by LoveVampires
  • No Mercy - reviewed by LoveVampires

Chronicles of Nick (Young Adult)

  • Infinity
  • Invincible (Feb 2011)

Dream Hunter Series (in reading order)

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LoveVampires Interview With Sherrilyn Kenyon

Photo of Sherrilyn KenyonSherrilyn Kenyon on Sherrilyn Kenyon

Not much to say really. I’m a writer and wife and mom with a lot of pets.

Sherrilyn Kenyon on The Dark Hunters

The Dark-Hunters are mad, bad and immortal. They live hard and fight rough. And they’re all that stands between mankind and those who would prey on us.

Your latest Dark Hunter book, Bad Moon Rising, revisits some of the events that happened in some of the earliest Dark Hunter novels where Fang and Aimee were secondary characters. When you were writing Night Play or Unleash The Night did you know that at some point Fang and Aimee would have their own book?

I knew they’d have a book from the moment they walked on stage and I purposefully included scenes in the earlier books that I knew I’d revisit in their story.

Bad Moon Rising focuses on Sanctuary and Peltier were-hunter bear clan, do you have plans to write any more stories about the Peltier brothers?

Dev’s book will be out next summer. He’ll be paired with Samia one of the Dogs of War. She’s an Amazon Dark-Huntress

What can you tell us about the upcoming Chronicles of Nick?

It starts the day Nick meets Kyrian and chronicles his years as a Squire. We get to see the DH world through the eyes of the Squires and through Nick’s individual experiences. There should be 10 books in the series and it ends when Night Pleasures begins.

There are a lot of new fun characters who will be in the series such as the Four Riders of the Apocalypse, and of course Bubba Burdette. And Simi, lots and lots of Simi.

The readers will see Tabitha and Amanda, as well as other series favourites as teenagers and they’ll meet some of the Peltier children.

 In addition to your Dark-Hunter books, the BAD series and the Lords of Avalon series (written as Kinley MacGregor) you also have a new trilogy (League) and Nevermore series in the works. With so many books to write how do you get your inspiration and keep your ideas fresh?

The League is an old series that I wrote before Dark-Hunter so those aren’t new. Nevermore is something I’ve wanted to write for almost a decade now. In fact, we contracted with SMP six years ago for it, but I haven’t had time to get to it before now.

As for staying fresh, I don’t know. I always have ideas. If I never had another one, I have enough already that could keep me writing for the rest of my life.

The Dark Hunter universe is both huge and complex, how do you keep track of the rules, characters and plotlines?

In my head. I don’t know how it works, but it does.

Do you plan out the path of a character before writing or do your characters take on a life of their own during the writing process?

I plan nothing. I just sit down and write.

 Which book as been the most challenging for you to write and why?

They all are challenging to write. No one stands out as being any harder than any other. Except to say that when one relies heavily on other books such as Acheron or BMR, I do have to go back and refresh myself on the exact verbiage for dialogue between the characters.

Which of your books are you proudest of and why?

All of them. They’re like my children. Each was a long labor of love that I nurtured every step of the way. There are some that were harder to get in print because of market or outside battles such as Born of Night, the manga and Night Pleasures so those victories are more bittersweet.

As a writer, which authors/books have had the most influence on your writing?

None at all. I started writing before I could read. I use to draw my stories :)

As an aspiring writer you suffered many rejections, some of which seemed needlessly cruel. Do you think that the constant stream of rejections changed your writing or made you a better writer? Or did the publishing world change to be more accepting of paranormal romance?

It wasn’t just as an aspiring author. I had many more rejections AFTER I was a bestselling author. The cruellest in fact came after I’d published six books.

Yes, it changed my writing. I decided if I was going to fail, it would be by writing the books I wanted to write, not trying to write to current market trends. As for the paranormal, there was no paranormal market when I sold into it. I’m one of the founders of the current trend and we’re the reason publishers are now open to it.

 Why do you think that paranormal romance is currently so popular?

The market was always here. It’s popular now because we, the founders, put it on the bestseller lists. And once someone shows a readership is there, the publishers buy more books that are similar to what’s “hot.” Prime example, I’ve been trying to write zombies for years, but my publishers were adamant there was no audience for zombies. Thanks to Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, you can now write them.

Even when I was struggling to sell Dark-Hunter, I knew the vampire market was there no matter how much I was told by the publishers that it wasn’t. The readers were reading other things because they had no vampire lit to pick from. Now they do.

Who is your favourite fictional vampire character?

Renfield who isn’t technically a vampire. But I love him anyway.

If the Dark Hunter world was real life and you had to choose to be one of your characters, who would you want to be?

Simi. I love her moral code.

A big "thank-you" to Sherrilyn Kenyon for taking part in the LoveVampires author interview.
Visit Sherrilyn Kenyon’s website
for more information about her work.
10th September 2009

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