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About LoveVampires

LoveVampires aims to provide book reviews for vampire novels.  The books are separated into rough categories. For vampire books in the Classic Fiction section there is usually a link to a place where you can read the story on-line. For books written by current authors, as well as a review, there is a link to the author’s website.  Please visit the authors’ websites because usually they have up to date biblography information, bonus material and book excerpts there.

All the books reviewed by LoveVampires will have either a vampire theme or a vampire character in them somewhere; this is a rule for the site.  In some of the books with a supernatural theme the vampire is not always the main character, but these books are good too so I want to include them and a little vampire is better than no vampire, right? What ever kind of vampire you are looking for I hope to help you find them here in the LoveVampires web pages.
- Amanda LoveVampires Editor.

About Amanda - The Editor

The LoveVampires site is edited by Amanda. She has had a life long love affair with vampires ever since the first time she saw the movie Dracula as a child. She lives in Norfolk and enjoys reading, long walks, cats and fashionable shoes. Her greatest fears are spiders, zombie attack and bad shoes. Unless stated otherwise reviews and interviews are written by Amanda.

Occasionally people are curious about the life of a vampire book reviewer. Read Amanda’s interview at the Book Chick City blog.

About Katherine - Reviewer

Hi, my name is Katherine. I'm an avid fan of books of all kinds although I tend to prefer urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mysteries, thrillers, science fiction and fantasy. Guess that pretty much leaves out westerns :) I live in the Bay Area in northern California with two dogs: Midnight is a black lab mix who will be 16 on 11/1 and Oreo is a yellow lab who just turned 3. I know. She's not black and white, but she's a Golden Oreo. I didn't name her.

I also enjoy cooking, running & other outdoor activities, hanging with friends and watching movies. I'm also a fashion junkie and I like finding new authors almost as much as finding a new designer to whom I can introduce people.
Please note: Katherine is no longer an active LoveVampires reviewer.

About Ania - Reviewer

Hi, I’m Ania, the overseas voice for LoveVampires. There is a thick forest and white beach outside my window and sometimes I find it horribly disappointing that the most interesting creatures roaming there after dark are the hedgehogs. So I make my escapes to the imaginary world of urban fantasy, roam the nearby cinema or simply go shopping, looking for some magic and excitement in the overwhelming practicality. A girl’s got to have her guilty pleasures.

About Missy - Interviewer

Hi everyone, my name is Missy. I love books in all forms, but for the most part my interests lie in paranormal romance, urban fantasy and classic British literature. I am currently applying to graduate school, and if the application process doesn’t kill me, the curriculum might. I am holding out hope that when it kills me my love for all things vampire will allow me to come back as one.
Please note: Missy is no longer an active LoveVampires reviewer/interviewer.

About Lotte - Reviewer

One day I’ll live by the sea, but until then I’m happy being on a quiet street in a busy part of London.  I love any book that really grips me – one that I’m thinking about when I’m not reading it and one that’s peopled with characters I’m sad to leave when I’ve finished it.  Although I love reading about vampires, I don’t want to be one. Having superpowers would be fabulous, but the mere thought of living to be four thousand years old makes me want to lie down somewhere quiet for a rest.

About Sandra - Reviewer

Hello, I'm Sandra, I love vampire romance and more shockingly, erotica but know there is something I do admire about romantic vampire novels - the atmosphere in them and the period setting of some. I am an avid fan of Anne Rice and the short vampire story when I can get a hold of a mammoth novel compendium containing them.

I live in the UK and like to review and now that I've recently got into writing articles I feel like I'm trying out something I wouldn't have done before - and just to think I started out as an artist originally!

About Georgia - Reviewer

Hello there! I am Georgia: an Aquarius with my Moon in Virgo and my Ascendant in Sagittarius, in other words completely bonkers. I read a lot, more actually than it's good for me. I watch a lot of cartoons too and I attend a lot of music festivals. I also believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast, but I do not think that I can slay the Jabberwocky. I love horses, owls, turtles and dolphins, and winter is my time of the year! I can't help it, I'm just weird that way.

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Editor's Choice

Magic Rises
by Ilona Andrews

If you’re looking for an urban fantasy story featuring a kick-ass heroine with real intelligence, a lively wit, valiant heart and killer sword skills then look no further than Magic Rises latest installment of the Kate Daniels UF series.
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J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward talks to the LoveVampires site about LOVER UNLEASHED the latest book in her phenomenally popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series and drops a few hints on what’s in store for BDB fans in the future…
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