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F. A. Q.

Questions frequently asked of Amanda, Editor of the LoveVampires site.


A large number of the books reviewed on this website were purchased by the reviewer(s). Some were borrowed from the local library. Some were given to Love Vampires for free by publishers, authors or publicists. If it worries you, please presume that any book reviewed on this site was received as a free review copy.

I’ve just finished X book. What should I read next?

Depends. If the book you’ve just read has been reviewed on the site you can check the list of links at the bottom of the page which suggests related books that you might like. You can browse around the LoveVampires site and see what takes your fancy. With books sorted by author, title and genre something should soon catch your eye. If all else fails you could go to the book store and allow yourself to be tempted by the pretty book covers…

Are vampires real?

Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve never met one. Then again I’ve never seen a koala bear in the flesh either but millions of Australian people can’t just be making those cute little furry bears up… or can they?

Can you give me a plot idea so I can write a best selling vampire novel?


Will you review my book?

Maybe. See the author information section for guidelines.

Will you read my unpublished manuscript and tell me if it’s any good?

No. Because in my experience you won’t believe me even if I tell you. You’ll insist that you know best and that I’m wrong. We’ll fall out about it.

Who did the web design for LoveVampires? Is it available as a Word Press template?

The site template is designed and coded by myself. I’m a freelance web designer in my day job (currently available for hire!) The LoveVampires site isn’t a blog and doesn’t run in Word Press, so it’s not a WP template.

Who drew the illustrations used on the site?

My friend, digital illustrator Damian Street drew the character illustrations used on the site.

Can I write reviews for the LoveVampires site?

Maybe. Contact us and we will send you some submission guidelines. We are looking for audience engaging, high quality reviews written by someone who can operate a spell checker - it’s not as easy you’d think…

Why don’t you dress like a vampire?

To the disappointment of countless UPS and Fed-Ex drivers I prefer to wear jeans and quirky T-shirts because they wash and dry easier than leather pants, lace bustiers and velvet dresses.

Can I copy your reviews onto my vampire themed website?

No, write your own. Seriously, all the material on the LoveVampires site is copyrighted. You can publish excerpts of reviews for publicity purposes so long as they are credited to LoveVampires. Links to the LoveVampires site are always welcome.

Why haven’t you reviewed the latest Anita Blake novels?

Oh dear, a difficult question. I loved the first 10 Anita Blake books. Seriously LOVED them. As an urban fantasy fan it was difficult to see the kick-ass fantasy get lost under an avalanche of poor erotica. I have nothing against erotica and if I wanted to read it I’d buy it but I actually want to read about a vampire slayer who fights evil with necromancy and worries about her immortal soul… In my world Anita Blake went out for a packet of cigarettes after Obsidian Butterfly and hasn’t come back yet. If a reviewer wishes to submit Anita Blake reviews that meet the review submission guidelines they are welcome to.

Why can’t you spell favourite?

Why can’t you? Because all the articles on the LoveVampires site are written in English rather than American English - we add a superfluous “U”.

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