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Paris Immortal by S. Roit Cover Picture

Paris Immortal

S. Roit

Published 2008         375 pages

Summary (from the book jacket)

When Trey meets his new legal clients, the stunning Michel and his equally striking partner Gabriel, he can't believe his luck. The rumour in the office is that the pair can be difficult at times; they have a staggering number of assets to manage and are elusive during the daytime hours.

Trey settles into his new Parisian home, making friends and meeting romantic interests, but none so fascinating as Michel and Gabriel. There's something familiar about them, about their peculiarities, and Trey just can't shake the feeling that he's missing something important.

They seem kind enough, if distant at times, and as Trey's life becomes more complicated, they appear to want to protect him.

But what if they're the ones putting him in danger?

The Review

Paris Immortal is the debut novel of author Sherry Roit.  Set in Paris the story follows the adventures and discoveries of Trey, an American attorney who is newly arrived in the city to manage the business affairs of the hauntingly beautiful yet mysterious Michel and Gabriel. 

Paris Immortal is what I would describe as an “old-school” vampire tale.  There is no strong female protagonist running around in improbable costumes wielding her special fated magical powers.  None of the vampires are private detectives.  Nobody is trying to redeem their soul and the vampires don’t spend their evenings patrolling the mean streets of Paris snacking on rapists, drug-dealers or serial killers – performing a valuable public service even as they feed their need for blood.

No, Michel and Gabriel are more like the kind of vampires horror authors wrote about ten or fifteen years ago, before the surge in popularity of the urban fantasy genre which led to a surfeit of vampire detectives determined to atone for their blood drinking sins.  Michel and Gabriel are well-adjusted vampires; wealthy, mysterious, sexy, alluring, inhuman and oh-so dangerous – happy to enjoy their wealth and each other, without worrying over whether they should be saving mankind.

As Trey enters their world, like a moth to a flame he is immediately drawn to them but as his respect and affection for Michel and Gabriel grows so do his suspicions that there is something very unusual about his clients.  As the story unfolds readers have to wonder whether a mortal can survive the attention and friendship of these inhumanly beautiful immortals - or like the moth, will Trey be burnt by their flame.

The story is mostly narrated in first person by Trey, Michel briefly narrates some sections allowing readers to understand what Trey does not know, usually the often cryptic world of the vampire.  Trey’s narration is in an unusual style, it is mostly written in the present tense often seeming as if his thoughts were recorded as they ran through his brain.  This writing style does take a little getting used to at first, as does Trey’s character, but don’t let initial impressions fool you - after the first couple of chapters this darkly compelling vampire tale should have you hooked. 

There is a strong homoerotic edge to Paris Immortal which I will be honest here and say worried me at first (and yes, I know it’s been years but I am still traumatised by the last Anita Blake bonk-a-thon I read) however at no point does sex take over this story.  Well plotted and beautifully written, it’s erotic but not erotica.

Paris Immortal is a hugely readable novel.  Vivid characters, a well realised Parisian background and a strangely gripping plotline make this novel an enthralling read.  Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself.  I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

LoveVampires Review Rating:

Review Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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