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Bite Club Cover Picture

Bite Club

Rachel Caine

Published 2011      442 pages

Reviewed by Georgia

Summary (from the book jacket)

Morganville is a quiet college town where humans and vampires live in relative peace. But lately a great deal of blood is being spilt...

Having survived a number of adventures with her new night-dwelling friends, college student Claire Danvers has come to realise that for the most part, the undead just want to get on with their lives.

But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble.

There’s a new extreme sport being broadcast over the Internet: bare-knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against one another – or, worse, against humans. Claire soon discovers that what started as an online brawl will soon threaten everyone in Morganville. And if they want to survive, they’ll have to do a lot more than that...

The Review

Bite Club is the tenth book in The Morganville Vampires’ saga. It is set a while after the events narrated in Ghost Town and it tells a new story of Claire, Shane, Michael, Eve, Myrnin and Amelie.

What I’ve always liked about this series is character development. From the very first book on the author chose a group of characters and depicted steadily their many aspects, idiosyncrasies and traits. She has done so using a type of narrative that although was in the third person, it allowed her through the eyes of her protagonist (Claire) to introduce to the readers the chief characters of her story. Bite Club launches a new narrative, i.e. the story is also told from Shane’s point of view, in the first person. Plot wise it is ideal, because it enables us to understand few key elements of what this book is all about. Moreover, it is wonderful to finally have insight on one of the most intriguing characters so far. Doing it from the fist person point of view also strengthens the story’s authenticity. Additionally, it highlights Shane’s motivation and behaviour patterns.

This book has a good pace and of course a lot of action. The plot is tight and the narrative is linear and consistent. The dialogues are realistic and the reactions genuine. As we proceed not only do we learn more about the people in the story, we also understand better life in Morganville. There is familiarity in the sense that everyone behaves in the way you expect them to, rather than seeing them doing something extravagant or downright unexpected. But we never get bored. On the contrary some old foes return not only to spice things up, but also to conclude their part in the saga.

Reading this book one cannot but feel great sympathy for the chief characters and gradually one ends up being emotionally trapped (always in a good sense) to the many comings-and-goings in the story. Emotions do run high here on so many levels and most importantly where Shane is concerned. Fans will certainly delight in that.

Nevertheless, despite the book’s length I couldn’t help but feel that it was necessary to have a few more pages. Some parts of the story could have been better developed. A little more detail wouldn’t have gone amiss and of course it could have wiped out any feeling that sometimes things just magically resolved. In relation to Shane events needed to take place in longer periods of time, than the ones given in the book. This way some of his reactions would have been believable. Finally, it is important to address the point that it is essential to have read the whole series before starting with Bite Club. As I mentioned earlier characters from the past reappear, and they play a big part in the plot, so it might confuse some, if they haven’t read the past books.

Bite Club is a really good book. Having been narrated from Shane’s point of view, in the first person, it would have been ideal. Apart from the traditional introduction, the complimentary track-list is also available.

LoveVampires Review Rating:

Review Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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